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On Property Taxes

As a fiscal conservative, Jacqueline believes government should never spend more than it needs. As your next commissioner, Jacqueline will be a voice for taxpayers by opposing additional property tax increases for Gwinnett residents. She will also support increasing the county homestead exemption whenever possible to return surplus funds back to property owners.

On Transportation

Jacqueline will follow through on improving Gwinnett’s traffic congestion. On the commission, Jacqueline will ensure SPLOST projects are expedited, completed on time, and carried out transparently. Additionally, she will work with regional and state leaders to procure state and federal transportation dollars for county road and transportation projects.

On Development and Growth

Jacqueline understands the need for responsible development and growth. As your next commissioner, Jacqueline will prioritize single-family housing over dense, multi-family zonings which add to urban sprawl and added strain on county services.

About Jacqueline

Jacqueline and her husband, Louis, have been residents of Gwinnett County for 20 years, where they live with their son, Benjamin. A graduate of Georgia State University, Jacqueline has had a long and successful career both in the public and private sectors, including the Georgia Department of Human Resources, the Employees’ Retirement System of Georgia, health care systems, and real estate. She has also helped her husband build a successful aviation consulting business. She serves and volunteers her time in several local non-profit organizations for the betterment of the community.

As a first-generation refugee, Jacqueline and her family escaped the Khmer Rouge Genocide in Cambodia and fled to America, where they became naturalized U.S. citizens, and she is very proud to call America her “home sweet home.” Because of her deep love and appreciation towards America, Jacqueline wants to give back to the country and the county that welcomed her with open arms.

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